5 Majors

3 Special Programmes


Architecture and Sustainable Design

Bachelor of Science (Architecture and Sustainable Design)

ASD prepares students for the future needs of architecture in a digital era – ecological urban architecture, leveraging on big data to design smart cities, advanced design computation, digital fabrication and more.

How does big data play a role in urban design?

Be the architects and urban designers of the future, who build better communities and a better tomorrow.


Computer Science and Design

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science and Design)

The mathematical grounding, algorithmic thinking and intense exposure to design in the context of computing in the CSD programme empower you to tackle challenging problems and develop need-driven computing solutions, instead of simply focusing on tech-driven solutions.

Not just 1s and 0s. How has business and humanities helped this budding software engineer?

Be the Drivers of the future’s digital development who possess abilities in computing and system knowledge in both software and hardware.


Design and Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor of Science (Design and Artificial Intelligence)

DAI prepares students to be designers and innovators who harness the power of AI to tackle both present and future challenges, improving design using AI across products, systems, services and the built environment.

How do you know if a song would become a hit on the music charts? Where does AI play a part in this?

Be the Designers and innovators who harness the power of AI to tackle both present and future challenges.


Engineering Product Development

Bachelor of Engineering (Engineering Product Development)

EPD prepares students for leadership in the conception, design, implementation and operation of innovative technology-intensive products.

It’s the multi-disciplinary nature of SUTD that sets our students apart from their peers.

Be the Design engineers that believe any challenge can be overcome with an invention or innovation.


Engineering Systems and Design

Bachelor of Engineering (Engineering Systems and Design)

ESD advances a new generation of analysts, engineers, and researchers who can holistically design, analyse and optimise large-scale complex systems for a better world.

Prof Peter Jackson (Head of Pillar, ESD) – what drives his enthusiasm and passion?

Be the Analysts and system engineers who tackle open-ended challenges, with a focus on design, analysis and optimisation.

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