Make It & Play It

Chance, Choice
& Consequence

These games illustrate concepts in probability and optimisation.

The “Who Am I?” Game is based on the classic “Guess Who” Game by Hasbro.
Use optimisation to speed up your project in the Schedule Crasher Exercise.

Best viewed on a PC/laptop or Chrome browser on mobile (landscape mode).

QR (de)Code

A QR code activity that illustrates basic computing concepts.

Using run-length encoding, decode a set of number and draw up a QR code.

Best experienced on a PC/laptop
Step 1: Download the Code below
Step 2: Choose the Basic or Advanced level

Homemade Thermometer

Using this set of materials and different design parameters, you can design different types of thermometers e.g., measure body temperature vs room temperature.

Want to know the design parameters of a body temperature thermometer? Write to us 😉 Also, check out a snapshot of EPD classes in the design guideline.

by Melissa, SUTD student, ISTD Junior

Available on Google Play Store only.
Coming soon on Apple App Store.

Deja Vu – same same but different.
A memory puzzle game designed to improve player’s cognitive abilities.
Memorise a series of movements and replicate it – in mirror image.

“I wanted to challenge myself to work on an actual project by myself so that I will be involved in all the development process.”
— Melissa

I wanted the game to be a meaningful one, that can have a positive impact on our society, no matter how trivial. Hence, I decided to make a memory game that can improve player’s cognitive abilities, and also included some trivia in the game to raise awareness on memory disorders.

When I first embarked on this project, I had to learn a new programming language and how to use a game engine. I learned to be resourceful and adapted available solutions online.

Being an SUTD student has not only equipped me with the required programming skills as a developer, but also other critical skills that an engineer should have – such as design thinking and problem-solving skills.


by SUTD Game Lab

Navigate challenging architecture caused by the distortion of gravity.
Push and pull obstacles away to create a clear path to your goal.

Available for iOS only.
Coming soon on Google Play Store.