Activities & Games

Join in the fun from the comfort of your room, OTOT.

These simple #MadeInSUTD online activities and games require no prior knowledge, no hardcore coding. Just for fun. Period.

Augmented City Design & Contest

Design your own city in Augmented Reality (AR).

Get a hands-on Architecture Design Studio experience.

PLUS! Participate in the Augmented City Design Contest and stand to win attractive prizes! Contest ends 8 March 2021.

Homemade Thermometer

Make your own thermometer with common materials you can likely find at home.

You can design different types of thermometers using this set of materials and different design parameters. Also, check out a snapshot of EPD classes in the design guideline.

Lightning Prediction

Think like a data scientist, predict when a lightning strike might be imminent.

You will be guided through this step-by-step exercise to experience the modelling and prediction process.

P.S. This was a Term 4 project for two teams of students in our Data and Business Analytics module 😉


A QR code activity that illustrates basic computing concepts.

Using run-length encoding, decode a set of numbers and draw up a QR code.

STEP 1: Download the Code below
STEP 2: Choose the Basic or Advanced level, or try both!
STEP 3: Don’t peep at the solution until you have tried!

*Best experienced on a PC/laptop.

Deja Vu: Memory Game

By Melissa, ISTD Senior.
Designing for a positive impact on society.

A memory game designed to improve players’ cognitive abilities.

“I wanted the game to be a meaningful one, that can have a positive impact on the society, no matter how trivial. Hence, I decided to make a memory game that can improve players’ cognitive abilities, and also included some trivia in the game to raise awareness on memory disorders.”


By SUTD Game Lab.

Navigate challenging architecture caused by the distortion of gravity. Push and pull obstacles away to create a clear path to your goal.

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