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Once again, our SUTDents have come forth with their initiatives for our second virtual Open House. They truly demonstrate our five core values of Leadership, Integrity, Passion, Collaboration and Creativity.

Here comes the credit roll.
Please sit tight and read till the end.

3D Printing Challenge

Powered by EPD SUTDents

Tay Kay Yen, EPD Node Senior, EPD Senior
Rathin Kishor Kacha, EPD Node Senior, EPD Senior
Gan Jia Jie, EPD Node Junior, EPD Junior, Events & Welfare Secretary, ROOT
Therese Lau, EPD Senior, EPD Senior


Powered by ISTD SUTDents

Filbert Cia, ISTD Junior
Sean Gunawan, ISTD Junior
Ho Xin Yi Felice, ISTD Junior
Daniel Low Yu Hian, ISTD Junior
Arissa Rashid, ISTD Junior
Clement Vimal Ravindran, ISTD Junior
James Raphael Tiovalen, ISTD Junior
Yu Nicole Frances Cabansay, ISTD Junior

Stay Up Till Dawn

Powered by SUTDents

Gan Jia Jie, Project Director/Cameraman, EPD Junior
Peter Santosh David, Cameraman/Editor, ASD Junior
Ng Yu Yan, Cameraman/Editor, ISTD Junior
Teo Sze Jia, Host, EPD Junior
Nathan Chang, Host, Freshmore
Claudia Lai, Host, Freshmore

Fifth Row Showcase

Powered by SUTD ROOT

Oei Kai Xun, Head Director of ROOTech
Nicole Yu, Head Director of ROOTech
Qiu Wei Hong, Director of ROOTech
Amrita Shah , Director of ROOTech
Shoham Chakraborty, Advisor of ROOTech
Sean Chen Zhi En, Director of ROOTech
Bryan Chew, Director of Fifth Row Engagement, ROOT
Oakar Min, Director of Fifth Row Engagement, ROOT
Claudia Koh, Media & Marketing Secretary, ROOT
Lee Jet Xuen, Student Relations Secretary, ROOT
Gan Jia Jie, Events & Welfare Secretary, ROOT

SUTD Productions

Adam Idris Lim Wei, EPD Senior
Tan Jean Yee, EPD Junior
Kong Dean, Noah, Freshmore
Ng Zhen Hao, ESD Senior
Low Haoron, Freshmore
Foo Chuan Shao, Freshmore
Faheem Zuhairi, ESD Senior
Sarah Chua Yi Qi, Freshmore
Hoon Wei Ting, ESD Senior
Ryan Seah Yu Wei, Freshmore


Royden Yang Zihan, Project Director, Freshmore, Director of Events
Theresa Lam, Project Director, Freshmore, Director of Student Relations
Gan Jia Jie, Advisor, EPD Junior, Events & Welfare Secretary, ROOT
Lee Jet Xuen, Advisor, ISTD Junior, Student Relations Secretary, ROOT
Teo Jiawen, Advisor, ASD Junior, Vice President of Communications, ROOT
Mohamad Arshad S/O Khaja Moinudeen, Coordinator, ESD Junior, President, ROOT

Deja Vu Game

Melissa, ISTD Senior

Student Panellists

Lee Jia Juen, EPD Senior
Julia Chua, EPD Senior
Gan Yu, ESD Senior
Tan Shin Yee, EPD Junior
Naomi Kong-Vega, ISTD Junior
Adelle Chan, Freshmore
Benjamin Goh Weijun, Freshmore
Chew Yunqing, ASD Senior
See Yong Chun, ESD Senior
Joel Ong, ISTD Junior
Faheem Zuhairi, ESD Senior
Tenzin Chan Han Wei, ISTD PhD Student
Ishika Kajaria, EPD Senior
Lieu Wei Ying, MEng student
Yeo Ying Xuan, ESD Senior
Amrish Dev Sandhu, ISTD Junior
Emily Megan Lim, ESD Senior
Kwan Wai Hin, ASD Senior
Lau Yu Hui, ISTD Junior
Tan Kai Jie, EPD Junior
Sarah Chua, Freshmore
Abu Bakar Othman, EPD Senior
Vaishnavi Divya Sridhar, ESD Junior
Vanessa Chia Yun Yao, EPD Junior
Jia Shuyi, ISTD Junior

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