We’d love to meet you in-person to share about SUTD and also give you the opportunity of a true hands-on experience with our Design Workshops.

However, spaces are limited and strictly by registration only (no walk-ins).

The event will be subject to prevailing safe management measures and safe distancing guidelines. We seek your understanding that we can only accommodate a maximum of 200 guests per session*.

We are psyched to welcome you on the event days, and your registration will help us to be better prepared.

*Our on-campus programmes are grouped into 4 sessions for registration – 19 Feb AM / 19 Feb PM / 20 Feb AM / 20 Feb PM.


Live Dialogues

Venue: Auditorium

Hear from SUTD President, Provost, Director of Admissions, Head of Pillars/Programmes, employers (from WOHA, Accenture, Citi, Dyson, Temasek and more), alumni and students.

*The seating capacity of the Auditorium is limited and subject to prevailing safe management measures. Entry into the Auditorium will be on a first-come, first-served basis for visitors with a confirmed registration.

Visitors with confirmed registration who are unable to gain access to the Auditorium will be invited to watch a livestream in a Lecture Theatre. A recording of the session will also be made available on this website after the Open House.

19 February Saturday

AM Session
10.30amSUTD 101 with President
11.30amAsk EPD (Engineering Product Development)

Ask Special Programmes

  • SUTD-Duke-NUS Special Track
  • SUTD Honours And Research Programme (SHARP)
  • SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP)
PM Session
2.30pmAdmissions & Scholarships 101
3.30pmAsk ESD (Engineering Systems and Design)
4.30pmAsk HASS (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences)

20 February Sunday

AM Session
10.30amSUTD 101 with Provost
11.30amAsk DAI (Design and Artificial Intelligence)
12.30pmAsk ASD (Architecture and Sustainable Design)
PM Session
2.30pmAdmissions & Scholarships 101
3.30pmAsk CSD (Computer Science and Design)



Experience and get a taste of our Design philosophy and pedagogy with these guided Design Workshops. A signature activity of the SUTD Open House, the Design Workshop is a chance for you to get first-hand preview of classes in SUTD, and maybe even take home a completed project.

*Open to students and by registration only, strictly no walk-ins. Limited spaces available, and subject to change according to prevailing safe management measures. 

19 February Saturday

12.30pm – 2pm

Building Sumo Robots
by Engineering Product Development (EPD)

Work as a team to ideate the scope for sustainability measures for your robot design. Build your personal sumo robots and compete to find the best practices and principles. Be the winner of the sumo robot competition!

12.30pm – 2pm

Airspace Design Game
by Engineering Systems and Design (ESD)

Come try your hand at designing airways in the sky – a 4-dimensional problem involving space and time. We do the physics calculations while you focus on providing pathways for the aircrafts. Compete for the best score!

20 February Sunday 

11am – 12.30pm

Sustainable Creations
by Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD)

Upcycle discarded laminate sheets (typically used in furniture making) to create large, folded structures that are both aesthetic and useful. Learn more about origami and its geometric and physical principles, simulate the folding process using software, and digitally control laser-cutter machines to create folding patterns on the sheets.

12.30pm – 2pm

Intro to Making a Human-AI Design Assistant
by Design and Artificial Intelligence (DAI)

What is the relationship between human and machine agencies in creativity? Building a simple AI design assistant and learn about AI concepts, design thinking processes, digital workflows and programming tools.

4.30pm – 6pm

Introduction to Python Programming with SenseHat
by Computer Science and Design (CSD)

Program sensors to optimise energy use for a sustainable world! Learn basic programming concepts with Python, and apply these concepts to control an LED Matrix using sensor readings.



Venue: Outside Auditorium

Interact with faculty, students and staff. Check out students’ innovations on showcase.
List of booths:

  • Admissions & Scholarships
  • Internships & Careers
  • 5 Degree Programmes: ASD, CSD, DAI, EPD, ESD
  • 3 Special Programmes: SUTD-Duke-NUS Special Track, SUTD Honours And Research Programme (SHARP), SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP)
  • Science, Mathematics and Technology
  • Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

*By registration only, and subject to prevailing safe management measures.

#DidYouKnow the info booth display stands are #MadeInSUTD and designed for circularity. Made entirely out of recycled materials, the design minimises waste from fabrication and stacks flat for space-efficient storage.



Every 30-minute / In groups of 4

Follow our student University Ambassadors as they share their student life stories while exploring places such as Campus Centre, Cohort Classroom, Fab Lab, Library and traditional chinese structure pavilions.

*Register on-campus, on event days.

Fifth Row.


Venue: Outside Albert Hong LT (Building 1)

SUTD-ents will be showcasing their Fifth Rows (aka co-curricular activities) which are categorised into 5 clusters:

  • Arts
  • Community
  • Culture
  • Makers
  • Sports

*By registration only, and subject to prevailing safe management measures. Registration for the Fifth Row Showcase is tagged to your registration to the talks and info booths.

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