Don’t worry if you missed our
LIVE sessions on
22 Feb


WE ARE BACK on Discord. 14 & 15 March.

Chat with our #SUTDent groups
and find out more about student life.
100% student-led.
100% student-moderated.
100% REAL.


In case you missed it.

We are collating everything you need to know
about our programmes.

Including copies of the LIVE sessions.

Other ways to reach out to us.

Make It & Play It

This year, we bring our Open House signature
hands-on Design Workshops to you virtually.
Try out these activities and games at home.
Get a taste of

our #makerculture

#14DaySUTD Challenge

At SUTD, the people count.
Our close-knitted community is something special.
With just 14 days to reinvent our Open House
into a digital experience,
see how our #SUTDents come together as one
in their innovative ways.

How many blocks are we?
Psst.. you might even find some treasures in SUTDLand
We heard.. coffee vouchers..?

All the treasures have been found! 😉

Can’t be here?
Let us bring our campus to you.

Let our #SUTDents inspire you with their creations.

The Discovery of Exceptional Design Affinities.

Discover your power of Design.


Know your preferred Major or #myDEDA?
Look out for these colours.

ASD (Architecture and Sustainable Design)

DAI (Design and Artificial Intelligence)

EPD (Engineering Product Development)

ESD (Engineering Systems and Design)

ISTD (Information Systems Technology and Design)



What we had prepared. But,


We interviewed the creator of
this year’s Open House exhibition pedestals.