What Employers Say

”The world is moving at a really fast pace and there is a huge amount of technology that we can leverage on. The aerospace industry is going to see significant growth from this part of the world. I look at the next 20 years, 40% of new aircrafts will come into Southeast Asia. The kind of skills set we are looking for is multi-disciplinary – the ones who can apply and take multi disciplines of engineering and science together to look at problem statements from different optics.”

”The SUTD graduates we have in our firm are very prized. They are not only capable of doing the classic architectural design, they also have sustainable design in their DNA. This provides a strong foundation for the kind of buildings that are demanded today. The amount of data that we must crunch is humongous. Hence, the traditional ways are no longer applicable. SUTD students, because of their openness, ability in critical thinking and comfort with using technology, are well positioned for this new world.”


“SUTD students were resourceful and independent and had strong basic technical skills to contribute to the tasks assigned to them. For example, Ruth Wong, was able to independently create test data sets for a very large regional project with a global client and the current intern, Joanna Saw, is working on a highly complex prototype for a Japanese client innovation lab.”


“Best contribution was in the area of producing sophisticated presentation content. SUTD students have all brought good energy to the studio with their pleasant personalities.”


”Students at SUTD, more so than other universities, undertake many hands-on projects by the time they graduate, preparing them well to start contributing at nuTonomy from day one.”
Bicky BhanguPresident, South East Asia, Pacific and South Korea, Rolls-Royce
Chan Hui MinDirector, DP Architects
Laurent ThevenetSenior Technology Director, R/GA Media Group Singapore
Amit ModyDirector, Founder, WAVE Design Consultants Pte Ltd
Cody KarminManager, nuTonomy